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Founded in 2016, Orangebits offers SaaS, Staff Augmentation, and Product Engineering Services. Following the agile methodology, we have successfully driven digital transformation for businesses across healthcare, education...
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At Orangebits we offer a range of IT solutions that help you customize your customer journey. We got you - if you want to build a dynamic team work on your app's UX or build a platform that personalizes your customer journey.

Enterprise Application Development

Embrace the power of custom solutions with enterprise application development! Unlike generic software powerful tools are tailor-made to address your unique needs and challenges. With Enterprise Application Development you can streamline complex workflows, boost efficiency and exceed customer expectations all with user-friendly applications designed specifically for your industry and market.

Whether you need mobile apps for on-the-go access, automation to free up your team or custom functionalities to streamline operations Enterprise Application Development empowers you to achieve your goals and gain a competitive edge.

Our focus to empower your enterprise rests on compatibility, utility, scalability and user-friendliness.

Tech Stack


Delve into Orangebits impressive array of technologies powering our solutions. From robust frameworks to advanced programming languages our tech stack showcase highlights the technological prowess that drives innovation, scalability and excellence in every project.

Core Technologies
Project Management Tools

Product Engineering Services

Forget clunky, off-the-shelf products. Orangebits takes your business from concept to reality with comprehensive Product Engineering Services.

Imagine turning your innovative ideas into reality, seamlessly integrated with your existing systems and directly fueling your company's growth. That's the power of Product Engineering Services. These services go beyond simple creation offering a comprehensive suite encompassing design, development, prototyping, testing and quality assurance all under one roof.

Staff Augmentation Services

Finding the right IT talent can be challenging, but Orangebits is here to help. Our team of tech experts leverages their industry knowledge to source and rigorously assess qualified professionals, ensuring they possess the specific skills and abilities you need. With Orangebits you gain access to a wider pool of top talent saving time and resources while enjoying the flexibility to scale your team as the project evolves. Focus on your core business while Orangebits handles your IT staffing needs. With access to top talent pool flexibility in hiring and reduced costs, we speed up your recruiting process.

Use the Power of Technology to elevate your Business with Orangebits.

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Explore the technological forefront at Orangebits. Our solutions are crafted with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a future-ready approach that propels your business into new realms of success.

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