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Face Recognition Ushers in a Future of Secure
Seamless Online Payments


Our client a leading online retailer sought to revolutionize its customer experience by offering a secure convenient and completely touchless payment system. They envisioned a future where customers could effortlessly complete purchases using their face.


Orangebits developed a cutting-edge face recognition payment feature and seamlessly integrated it into the client's existing online platform. This innovative solution allows customers to

Register their face:

Through a secure and user-friendly mobile app customers can easily enroll their facial features and link them to their preferred payment method.

Shop with ease:

During checkout, customers simply hold their phones up to their faces, allowing the camera to capture their features.

Instant verification:

Orangebits advanced facial recognition technology instantly verifies the customer's identity with high accuracy, eliminating the need for passwords or additional authentication steps.

Effortless payment:

Once verified the payment is automatically processed from the customer's chosen payment method offering a truly touchless and streamlined experience.


Enhanced security:

Face recognition provides an additional layer of security compared to traditional online payment methods, minimizing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Improved customer satisfaction:

Customers reported increased satisfaction due to the ease, speed and convenience of the face recognition payment system.

Reduced checkout times:

Eliminating the need for manual entry of payment information significantly reduced checkout times, leading to improved operational efficiency.

Orangebits innovative face recognition payment feature demonstrates the immense potential of this technology in revolutionizing the shopping experience. By prioritizing security, convenience and user experience, Orangebits is paving the way for a future of seamless and secure online transactions.

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