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Streamlines B2B Procurement
with Innovative SaaS Platform


Our client faced a B2B challenge of a complex and inefficient procurement process. Their existing system lacked user-friendliness, hindered product discovery and limited communication with potential suppliers. This resulted in longer procurement cycles missed opportunities for collaboration and ultimately, hindered their ability to optimize their supply chain.


Orangebits recognized the need for a modernized B2B platform that could streamline the procurement process and foster collaboration between buyers and sellers. We designed and developed a customized SaaS solution with features such as

Intuitive navigation and search:

User-friendly interface simplifies product discovery for buyers making it easy to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

Advanced filtering and sorting:

Buyers can easily filter and sort through a vast selection of products based on specific criteria, ensuring they find the most relevant options for their needs.

Direct communication channels:

The platform facilitates open communication between buyers and sellers, allowing for real-time collaboration, negotiation, and relationship building.

Integrated order management and secure payments:

Streamline the entire buying process with integrated order management tools and secure payment options, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction experience.


Improved procurement efficiency:

The platform's intuitive design and advanced features significantly reduced procurement cycle times, saving the client valuable time and resources.

Enhanced supplier collaboration:

Direct communication channels fostered stronger relationships, improved transparency and facilitated collaborative decision-making.

Increased supplier diversity:

The platform expanded the client's access to a wider range of suppliers, fostering innovation and allowing them to explore more competitive options.

Boosted business growth:

By optimizing their procurement process and building stronger supplier relationships, the client was able to improve operational efficiency, gain a competitive edge, and achieve sustainable business growth.

This case study displayed that Orangebits B2B platform helped transform the way businesses approach procurement. By leveraging technology to enhance user experience, facilitate collaboration and simplify complex processes, Orangebits empowers companies to build stronger partnerships, optimize their supply chains and ultimately achieve greater business success.

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